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A little bit about our favourite products

When it gets cold outside, you want to make sure your little bub's tiny toes are snugly and warm. Rather than covering your baby with a blanket, only to have it fall off and get tangled in the wheels of your pram, try one of our footmuffs instead.

These innovative coverings are designed to fit in any pram that uses a three-point or five-point harness system, and they have two height adjustments as baby grows. Simply slide the straps through the holes in the footmuff, and you're good to go!

Each footmuff comes with a handy storage bag that you can toss in the hamper under your pram when you're not using it. The footmuff zips around three sides, keeping bub nice and cosy on even the coldest of days. On warmer days, just unzip the top portion; the bottom portion doubles as a pram liner that you can use all year long. The exterior fabric is water-resistant, so these footmuffs are great for rainy days too, keeping bub warm and dry.

Choose from a variety of interior fabrics, including natural wool, fleece, minky and cotton. Each style comes in several colours and patterns, so you are sure to find one that suits your fancy. Best of all, all of our footmuffs are machine washable, so you can keep your pram clean and hygienic for your little one.

Nobody likes to get caught out in the rain but it can be especially troublesome when you've got a baby with you. You don't want bub to get wet and catch a cold! To keep your little one snug and dry, try a rain cover for your pram or baby capsule. Our rain covers are designed to fit most popular models and are easy to install.

Ventilation patches on the sides let the fresh air in so it doesn't get too stuffy in there, while clear PVC plastic stops the rain from getting in. Once you get to your destination, simply roll up the rain cover and tuck it into its convenient carrying bag for safe keeping until you need it again.

Always take precautions to keep bub safe when using a rain cover on your pram or baby capsule. Your tiny tot should always be secured with the harness system while in the pram or capsule, and you should never leave your little one unattended while using a rain cover. Take the cover off once you get inside and avoid using it on hot days to prevent overheating.

A change mat is an essential component of any bub's nursery. After all, you'll be changing a lot of nappies and you want your change mat to be as stylish as the rest of the room. Choose from a wide range of colours to complement your decorative style or choose one that is just too cute to resist like some of our patterned options. With so many options on offer, you are sure to find the perfect change mat cover to suit your taste and preferences.

Our change mat covers are designed to fit any change mat measuring 80 cm by 50 cm or less. The covers secure in place with elastic around the back for a snug, safe fit. Any time it gets dirty, and it will definitely get dirty, just toss it in the washing machine like the rest of your laundry for easy cleaning.

We take great care in choosing the highest-quality materials for our change mat covers so they'll feel comfortable and soft against bub's delicate skin. Made from 100-percent cotton, our change mat covers are breathable, letting air flow through so your little one doesn't get hot and sweaty in the warm summer months.


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